A Convolutional Neural Network Application For Predicting The Locating Of Squamous Cell Carcinoma In The Lung

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Noğay H. S., Akıncı T. Ç.

BALKAN JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL & COMPUTER ENGINEERING, vol.6, no.3, pp.207-210, 2018 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Squamous cell carcinoma, one of the most common types of lung cancer types, usually occurs in the middle, right or left bronchi. Squamous cell carcinoma can be easily detected by imaging methods to determine the location within the lung.  However, rarely the location of some tumor types cannot be determined. In this case, it may be delayed to obtain the results of the assay such as biopsy. This possible delay also means delayed diagnosis and delayed start of treatment. In order to solve this problem, it is possible to perform applications with machine learning methods. In this study, convolutional neural networks method was used to determine the location of cancerous tumor in squamous cell carcinoma of lung. With the designed convolutional neural network model, squamous cell carcinoma tumor location in lung cancer was estimated with an accuracy rate close to 100%.