Mathematical Modeling for Prediction of Heating and Air-Conditioning Energies of Multistory Buildings in Duhok City

Zaya N. E., Hassan L. H., Bilgil H.

Academic Journal of Nawroz University, vol.7, no.4, pp.153-167, 2018 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Present endeavor is devoted to estimate the air-conditioning and heating energies or loads of modern buildings in Duhok City, Iraq using new mathematical models. Many parameters have been considered in current modeling, namely, area of building, number of storeys and types of the common materials of the building walls. Regression analysis is performed to formulate new mathematical linear and nonlinear models for the loads. In addition, Fuzzy logic is utilized in the third model employing Sugeno's regulation. The outcomes reveal that the reasonable matching is achieved between the proposed models and mechanical engineering analytical solutions of heating and air-conditioning standards. Consequently, high correlation coefficient as more than 85% is determined between the predicted values of the models and analytical results. The linear model shows perfect matching with the analytical outputs more than the other proposed mathematical formulations.