Clinical and surgical evaluation of cyst hydatid cases in a training and research hospital in Şanlıurfa province

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Patmano M., Cansun F., Gulten G.

Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine (Turkey), vol.39, no.2, pp.503-506, 2022 (Scopus) identifier


© 2022 Ondokuz Mayis Universitesi. All rights reserved.Echinococcus, which is a zoonotic agent, is endemic in our country and causes hydatid disease by localizing in various organs in the human intermediate host. This study aims to present the demographic and clinical characteristics of patients treated for hydatid cysts in our hospital, determine the methods used for treatment, and review the complications in detail. Cases reported to have a hydatid cyst in the surgical material pathology result in Şanlıurfa Training and Research Hospital were evaluated between March 2017 and December 2019. All patients were living in Turkey, which is endemic for hydatid cysts. The records of the patients who were operated on with the pre-diagnosis of cyst hydatid after the examinations and whose pathology results were reported as hydatid cysts were reviewed retrospectively. During the study dates, a total of 84 patients, 55 (65.4%) female and 29 (34.5%) male, were operated on for cyst hydatid in our hospital. The mean age of the patients was 28.6 (min: 2-max: 67). Seventeen (20%) of the patients were in the pediatric age group. When the patients were examined in terms of the number of cysts, 65 (77.3%) patients had a single cyst, while 19 (22.6%) patients had more than one cyst. When evaluated in terms of cyst location, liver localization was observed in 35 (41.6%) patients, liver and lung co-location in 4 (4.7%) patients, lung location in 19 (22.6%) patients, spleen location in 2 (2.3%) patients, and brain location in 2 (2.3%) patients. localization, adnexal localization in 6 (7.1%) patients, renal localization in 2 (2.3%) patients, and soft tissue localization in 14 (16.6%) patients. In the pediatric age group, cyst localization was 4 in the liver, 10 in the lung, 2 in the brain, and 1 in soft tissue. Preoperative serology test results of 42 patients were reported as positive (+) (1/320-1/2560). The average duration of hospitalization was 1-27 days. When the postoperative complications of the patients were examined, the biliary fistula was found in 4 (4.7%) patients, prolonged air leak in 2 (2.3%) patients, pneumothorax in 1 (1.1%) patient, empyema in 1 (1.1%) patient, who was operated for liver cyst hydatid and postoperative seroma was observed in 5 (5.9%) patients. The mean specimen diameter in the pathology results was 2-20 cm. Cyst hydatid disease caused by echinococcus is endemic in our country and often requires surgical intervention. Imaging methods and serology are used in the diagnosis, but a negative serology does not rule out this disease. Patients should be followed up for possible complications after surgery.