A Survey of Some Quality Characteristics of Frozen-Raw, Precooked, and Dried Manti Samples, A Traditional Food, Offered For Sale In Turkey

Kaya M., Gökmen S.

Food Science and Quality Management, vol.123, pp.45-49, 2024 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


The main differences that distinguish stuffed pasta (mantı), one of the traditional foods produced in Turkey, from pasta are using thick dough technique, having white color, and including mortar. Introduction, standardization, and commercialization of mantı products will contribute to the local, national, and international economy.  For this purpose, the physicochemical and histological properties, microbiological content of different trademarks of mantı samples were determined in Turkey production.  The results indicated that no difference was between the physicochemical and microbiological parameters of  mantı samples except one sample. Furthermore, it was determined that 20 mantı samples having soy protein. Because of the high cost of samples containing minced beef, it is added soy protein to cheat instead of minced meat.  It was concluded that production costs should be reduced in order to prevent these adulterations from increasing and this requires short-term operations including low-cost heat treatments at low temperatures such as microwave radiation.