Comparative analysis of an anchored retaining wall system in a deep foundation excavation: A case study of Sivas Cultural Center Building in Türkiye

Acar M. C., Kekül A.

Turkish Journal of Engineering, vol.7, no.3, pp.227-235, 2022 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Modeling the surface element and support system in deep excavation pits and investigating the deformation mechanism is an important issue. In this study, alternative solution methods for an anchored bored pile model are compared and discussed, and it is aimed to contribute to the studies to be carried out in the deep excavation area. A numerical analysis of retaining wall design is examined in the case of the Sivas cultural center building's deep excavation using Plaxis 2D and GGU-Retain software. Measured field data and simulated results are discussed. As a result, the bending moment and lateral deformation reach a maximum when the foundation pit is excavated to the bottom. It can be said that the lateral deformation value found with Plaxis 2D is within the allowable limits, closer to the field data, and provides sufficient quality. The research results will provide theoretical and practical knowledge for designing and constructing similar deep excavation pits for the optimal strategy.