Mathematical Estimation of Expenditures in The Health Sector in TURKEY with Grey Modeling

Öztürk Z., Bilgil H.

ERCIYES UNIVERSITY JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES INSTITUTE, vol.35, no.3, pp.52-58, 2019 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Grey theory is an effective theory that deals with systems that lack weak information and / or information. With this theory, effective and very accurate estimates can be created for future times by utilizing a small number of data. The grey modeling method is a sub-branch of the theory of grey systems and the modeling process is carried out with the help of differences equations and differential equations. The least squares approach plays a role in the precise results of the method. Using the GM (1,1) modeling method, which is the basis of grey prediction models with its accuracy and usefulness, health expenditures in Turkey that will be achieved in the coming years were estimated.These estimates are particularly useful for health and economic policies.