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Biography of Dr. Mehmet Cemal ACAR

Dr.ACAR was born in Sivas on 08.07.1965. He graduated from Science Department of Göztepe Mehmet Beyazıt High School in Istanbul, 1983.  He received the BS degree from Middle East Technical University, Ankara in1990, and MS degree from Erciyes University in 1998 and Ph.D. degree from Sakarya University in 2011 and, all in geotechnic of Civil Engineering Department. He was promoted to Assistant Professor in 2011.

As a private sector experience, he worked as a static project engineer in Sistem Project Eng. Arch. Trd firm in 1990 and undertook the static project and technical application responsibility of more than 10 residences. Between 1990-1991, he worked as a field engineer in IGL-STFA JV Inc's highway construction between Kınalı and Sakarya. In addition to the İzmit-Sakarya road construction works, he took an active role in underpass-overpass projects and prestressed bridge projects. He won the World Bank industrial education project of The Turkish Council of Higher Education between 1991-1992 and returned to Turkey after receiving advanced foreign language and civil engineering education in England.

He was the head of the construction department of the vocational school at Erciyes University for ten years. He left Erciyes University in September 2018 and transferred to Kayseri University. Since September 10, 2018, he is still the Director of Tomarza Vocational School, and the Head of the Department at Technical Sciences Vocational School, BAP (Kayseri University Scientific Research Projects) commission member and a member of the Senate of Kayseri University. Currently, he works as an Assistant Professor at Kayseri University and research in the geotechnical field of Civil Engineering. He published more than 13 papers in international journals and conferences and received about 100 citations.

As an overseas education, he was honored with a certificate by the University for carrying out a successful education in the field of Civil Engineering at Bolton University-England, within the scope of the World Bank/Higher Education Council 2nd Industrial Education between 1991-1992.

Dr. Acar's current research interests are soil liquefaction, ultimate bearing capacity of foundation, optimization of geotechnical problems by artificial intelligence, soil stabilization techniques, retaining walls in deep foundation pit, GIS-based geotechnical data management system and geopolymer concrete technology in civil engineering.


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